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    Product: HCP810High-speed air-jet weaving machine
    No.: 1-5
    HCP810High-speed air-jet weaving machine



    Along with the development of the information society,the requirement of customers is also more and more inclined to diversification,deepening.CMT-HICORP Machinery(Qingdao)Co.,ltd and ltalian team derive the design essence fo air jet loom from Eouope,Japan,use current world the most advanced control theory,carefully research a leading global high-speed HCP810 air-jet weaving machine.

    HCP810 air-jet weaving machine has special design in high speed and low vibration and energy saving,further satisfy customers on the synthetic fiber,cotton and wool etc.

    High speed 

    New beating weft device,new frame structure,high speed controlled by CPU system,making machine speed to reach 1250rpm.


    New-model interface,internet and new communications technology,redizing machine highly intelligent.

    Energy conservation 

    Because auxiliary air tank and auxiliary air valve is directly connected,no air loss.The sub nozzle has a tapered opening to prevent air dispersion,thus enable stable weft insertion with less air.draftiong nozzle give a draft t wefts yarn,reduce air consumption for auxiliary nozzle.

    Low vibration 

    Through 3D design and computer analysis to achieve the best value for machine structure and light value,balance value for weft institutions.

    Code of "Business License for Telecom and Information Services of PRC":No. Lu ICP 05012433
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